Gift of Body as Your Legacy

It is a natural desire to want to leave your mark on society. We are humans, and we want to make a difference. However, these aspirations shift to what we will leave behind as we age. With that finish line in sight, we consider how our friends, family, and community will remember us. What will be your legacy?

Your legacy goes beyond money and offspring. It is your opportunity to put your values into action. You might view the idea of a legacy as grandiose, but a legacy is created one decision at a time. Part of this legacy can be the gift of body. Body donation is a selfless act that can help advance medicine in many ways, such as:

  • Medical education:
    Your gift of body allows medical students and other healthcare professionals to learn about human anatomy and physiology. This realistic and hands-on learning experience is invaluable to future healthcare practitioners.
  • Surgical training:
    Your gift of body allows surgeons to practice their skills on human tissue. This helps them to improve their techniques and become more proficient when in the operating room.
  • Medical research:
    Your gift of body is utilized in scientific research on various medical conditions, such as cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. This research can lead to new treatments and cures for these diseases.

In addition to these benefits, your gift of body can also reduce the cost of end-of-life expenses. No burial and funeral expenses are associated with the gift of body, and body donation programs do not charge for their service. However, families are responsible for transporting the body to the program location.

Your gift of body is a simple process, especially if you start the process early and make your desires known to your family and friends. When you have found a local body donation program, complete the required paperwork. Pledging your gift of body provides peace of mind for your loved ones, too. Your personal information remains confidential, but the legacy that your gift of body leaves will be known by everyone who matters.

Your gift of body will be an amazing legacy. St. Louis Body Donation is ready to provide more information about body donation or transportation. Our caring staff and funeral directors offer thoughtful and respectful answers to your questions, and our services are affordable. For more information about body donation or body donation transportation, please call us at (314) 252-0462.

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