The Cost of Whole Body Donation

Dealing with end-of-life decisions is intimidating and difficult when you are processing the feelings that accompany it. It can be especially hard when there are financial constraints.

Funeral and burial expenses can cost up to $10,000 or more. There is a way to make a real impact upon your death without leaving the cost burden on your family and loved ones. The opportunity to donate your body to science will help the education of future physicians and costs much less than you think.

The gift of whole body donation is powerful, and it means that you care enough to benefit humanity and provide hope to future generations. Medical students get important anatomical training they need. Practicing physicians also maintain and improve the medical and surgical skills with your gift. Anatomical donations have a direct impact on treatment breakthroughs for diseases such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, autoimmune disorders and many more.

The Cost of Whole Body DonationHere in the greater St. Louis area, there are three major educational institutions with anatomical donation programs. These are Logan University, Saint Louis University and Washington University. Each program has its own procedures and forms to complete if whole body donation is what you desire, yet they have one thing in common. There are no direct costs to the university for anatomical donations.

There is no fee charged in connection with the donation to the university program. In many cases, cremated remains can eventually be returned to the family following donation. There are charges associated with the transportation of a body to the program. St. Louis Body Donation is here to make that process seamless and reasonably priced.

St. Louis Body Donation takes care in providing families with the most accurate information about body donation, as well as pointing you in the right direction to provide you or your loved one with a $595.00 transportation for body donation to the medical school of choice in St. Louis. Feel free to ask about the logistics and any added costs If you choose donation to an institution outside of St. Louis.

St. Louis Body Donation celebrates your decision to help advance medical science with an anatomical gift to a higher institution of learning. We handle your inquiry with dignity and honesty. Whether you have just started to research the option of whole body donation or if you are in need of immediate transportation services, St. Louis Body Donation is ready to assist. Please call our caring professionals at 314-252-0462 for more information.

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