Three Compelling Reasons to Donate Your Body to Science in St. Louis

Your benevolence in life can carry on after your death with whole body donation to a program right here in St. Louis.

Three Compelling Reasons to Donate Your Body to Science in St. LouisHere at St. Louis Body Donations, we offer these three considerations that will make you look at whole body donation in a new light.

  1. Whole body donation saves lives. Here in St. Louis, educational institutions such as Saint Louis University and Washington University utilize cadavers to help explain anatomy and physiology to their students. These medical students more easily comprehend the complexity of human anatomy. Moreover, physicians in many stages of practice can stay current with advancements that come with medical breakthroughs. Practicing surgeons improve their technique and find better ways to perform intricate procedures such as transplants and minimally invasive procedures.Saint Louis University and Washington University are also top tier medical research institutions. Physician scientists also utilize cadavers to discover how diseases impact the human body. This leads to better diagnostic capabilities and can lead to innovative treatment options. Donating your body to a St. Louis program makes this critical education and research possible.
  2. Whole body donation pays it forward. We strive to be giving and compassionate people during life, and donating your body to science keeps this going after you are gone. Do you value education? Whole body donation continues this evolution to improving and extending the lives of humanity.This process is also paying it forward to your family. While whole body donation does not mean you can’t have a memorial service, it is a low to no-cost alternative to traditional funeral arrangements. There will be no need for a casket, cremation, or cemetery preparations. Transportation for St. Louis body donations is low, and you can be assured that the donor programs here in the area treat donations with dignity and respect.
  3. Whole body donation can help prevent research on animals. Most modern medical researchers and organizations have moved away from conducting experiments on live animals. Physicians who work on a donated human body learn much quicker and retain that knowledge more than a student who learns on an animal.

Your gift of anatomical donation will impact everyone. You will not realize what your gift can possibly mean to the world going forward, but those you leave behind can find comfort in the knowledge that your gift will advance medical knowledge in ways not possible otherwise. If you have a question about the donation process or want to know more about available programs, you can contact St. Louis Body Donations at 314-252-0462.

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