Body Donation: An Impactful Gift

Body Donation: An Impactful GiftDid you know that it is possible to donate your body after death? It is not frequently discussed, but an anatomical donation is an impactful gift that has legitimate benefits to the family and to the scientific community.

Death is not an easy time for anyone. Grief and confusion consume us and make necessary decisions even more difficult to make. Organ donation is often possible following the unexpected death of a loved one, and it helps to know that part of that special person lives on in someone else.

Donating your body can save lives. Educational institutions can utilize your donation in many ways including teaching medical students about the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Real experience means better understanding and smarter physicians. Whole body donation also allows practicing surgeons to develop techniques and enhance training. This translates to new and improved ways to complete everything from joint replacements to organ transplants.

Donating your body furthers research knowledge and improves technology. Medical professionals can learn how to implant devices correctly. Biomedical engineers can measure and improve the way artificial parts and devices fit into human anatomy, thereby bettering the way technology and healthcare can work together to improve quality of life. When a donated body was afflicted with a disease, students and researchers can see how diseases such as cancer affect the physical body and gain valuable insight into understanding its progression.

Donating your body pays it forward and leaves a legacy. Your loved ones will know that you held education and science in high esteem. They will know that you are an important part of the evolution of medical breakthroughs. Tell your friends and family that you are considering whole body donation, and help them understand that medical research and innovation will result from it.

Donating your body is a compassionate and lower cost alternative to traditional services. When you have made arrangements to donate your body, your loved ones don’t have to make so many difficult decisions following your death. Organizations that receive body donations treat the donor with respect and frequently honor their memory with scheduled services that offer thanks for their sacrifice. You can still have a wonderful celebration of the life of your loved one, and it is made even more special knowing that their lives made an impact gift even after they are no longer with us.

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