How to donate your body to science in St. Louis, Missouri

Many people would like to donate their body to science after death, but have know Idea were to start. In this short article I would like to explain how you can donate your body in St. Louis, Missouri. 

Transportation from place of death to medical school.

Anatomical donation to any of the three medical schools in St. Louis is free. You will have to contact a funeral service provider in the area to assist you with transportation from the place of death to the medical school of choice, as well as produce the death certificate. If you need body donation transportation service call us at 314-252-0462 and we will put you in contact with a funeral director that will provide the transportation services for $595.00 within the St. Louis area. Weight and distance charges may apply. Body donation in Illinois will have additional charges. Wee can help you also with information on how to get a pre-paid plan set up for anatomical donation arrangements to help make things a little easier on the family at the time of death.

How to donate my body to St. Louis University Gift of Body Program.

To give your anatomical gift to St. Louis University Medical School you must pre plan this with the medical school you can contact the the school by phone at314-.977.9870 or 314-977-8027., or by email at When doing this you request the forms for anatomical donation. You must then fill out the forms and submit them back to the school for approval. 

How to donate your body to Washington University Body Donor Program.

To donate your body after death to Washington University Body Donor Program you need to pre rejister with the School and be accepted by the program before death. you can reach them by phone at 314-362-3597. Washington University Boy Donor program can be reached by email at You must request the forms fill them out submit the forms and wait for approval. 

How to donate my body to Logan University School of Chiropractic.

To donate your body to Logan University it is recommended that you pre-register with the program. you must request the forms and send them back to the school, and wit on approval. You can reach them bty phone at 636-230-1735 or email If a person gives the gift of organ donation, they can not donate to a medical school, and are not eligible for free body donation.

Organ Donation

I have found that many people confuse organ and body donation. Organ donation is giving the gift of your organs to help improve the life of of others. If you want to do organ donation you can plan this when you renew your Id or you can contact Mid America Trans plant. They provide organ donation in the St. Louis area.They can be reached at 314-735-8200, for more information on organ donation.

No cost body donation

There are local and National body donor programs that offer body donation services to the St. Louis area with no transportation charge. In some cases there is a want and a need for these services. But please be aware when this type of service is chosen the body parts of the deceased in many cases  are separated from the body and sold all around the country to research facilities that may have a need for certain body parts. Please be aware although there is no charge for the body donation in the end the funeral provider providing these services are greatly rewarded paid to broker off the body parts of the dearly departed. I would like to reinterate thermal be a need or a personal choice for this service. This is a totally legal form of disposition. Many people just don’t understand what they are signing up for.  

Body donation help.

If you are in need of more information about body donation or body donation transportation please call 314-252-0462 and we will put you in touch with a funeral director that can assist you. I some cases cremated remains can be returned to the family after your gift body, This cremation is provided for free for the family.Ccontact us for more information. 



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