No Cost Body Donation St. Louis

Important information about no cost body donations in St. Louis

No cost body donation can be a fantastic gift if the family  has a financial need, or if it  is the wish of the departed.When considering free body donation for yourself or a loved please take time to read this short article. No medical school charges to accept remains for anatomical donations in the St. Louis area. The only charge you will occur is the charge to the funeral service provider for transportation and neccessary paperwork. All medical schools in the St. Louis area accept what is called a whole body donation. this means the donated body stays intact and is used for training of future doctors and medical research. Ocassionally the eyes and brains may be removed for research or the cornea can be removed before donation to help others.. Any local or national body donation company that offers free body donation should let the family know what happens to the body after a free  donation.

What can happen to my body after a free body donation

When a family chooses a no cost body donation a medical school in need of a cadaver could purchases the entire body for research, but most of the time your local or national body donation company will pick uf the remains after death the human remains will then be embalmed stored until they are sent or sold to a central facility for distribution. This kind of facilities will broker with research facilities around the country to provide them the needed body parts. Sometime between March 2, 2022 and March 3, 2022 a box of human heads was stolen from one off these national donation companies that service the St. Louis area. If it is important to you ask your body donation service provider will this be a whole body donation for medical research, Please ask the donation provider if they can gurantee your remains will stay intact, if this is a concern.Everyone should have an idea what happens to their body after donation.

How can I prepare For Body donation to a local medical school

Please call us at 314-252-0462 and we can refer you to a donation provider to help you plan your anatomical donation in the St. Louis, Missouri  area for a reasonable rate. The body donation provider  in some cases may be able to help you get a free cremation after the medical school is done with your gift of body it can be arranged for the remains returned to the family after the medical school  is finished with the remain.

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