Types of Body Donations in St. Louis


In this article I will explain the different types of body donation available to the people of the St. Louis area,  We want you to be to make the best decision on how your anatomical gift is used. 

Free body Donation

When you see a company that offers free body donation in St. Louis this donation is is typically not to a medical school that requires whole body donation, but most of the time when free a free body donation is offered, the body is then prepared for donation and brokered off for sale. The distinguishing diffrence when the family opts for free body donation in most cases the body parts of the deceased  are taken from the body and are sold to different legitimate research facilities that may not need the whole body, so in these cases the body parts are separated from the body and are shipped to different places around the country for research. Free body donation does play an important part to help families that may have a financial need. 

Whole Body Donation

Whole body donation is the type of anatomical donation where the deceased is transported to a medical school in the St. Louis area. We have three Medical Schools in St. Louis that accept body donation. These programs are St. Louis University Gift of Body, The Washington University Body Donor Program, and Logan College. Here at Stlouisbodydonations.com we can put you in touch with a funeral home that can provide you with anatomical donation to one of these local schools for $595.00, For more information call 314-252-0462. After contacting us we will put you in touch with a funeral service provider that will pick the deceased up from the place of passing and transport the deceased to the medical school of your choice.The funeral provider will also produce a death certificate for the family. Your anatomical gift will help so many doctors to advance medical research in the future.

Organ Donation

Organ donation is the gift of your organs. After death to help better the life of someone in need of organ donation. To become an organ donor in St. Louis you can register for organ donation  www.donatelifemissouri.com, you can also register when you sign upper your  Missouri ID.. You can also contact Mid America Transplant for in formation about organ donation www.midamericatransplant.org. Mid America Transplant handles organ donation in the St. Louis area. Please inform your family of your decision of organ donation, because after death your family can reverse your decision.

*If  you would like information about free cremation after whole body donation call us at     314-252-0462.*






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