Anatomical donation in St Louis, Missouri

When a death has occurred in St Louis and anatomical donation is the choice there is a few key steps to complete this process. Upon the funeral home or cremation service recieving the phone call a few things then take place. First the funeral home will go to the place of passing to retrieve the dearly departed, this person needs to be taken to the medical school as soon as possible, so they can be prepared for special procedures to assure preservation for future study. We need to get information from the family as soon as possible to complete the death certificate. After this step the funeral home or cremation service has to submit the death certificate information to the state as soon as possible. A drafted copy of the death certificate is required for the medical school to accept remains.

One important fact many families overlook in St Louis, Missouri is in order to donate to the medical school it must be set up before death. If one passes away from certain infections they may not be eligible for donation. Medical Schools also have weight restrictions for anatomical donation.

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