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Body Donation Transportation

Each anatomical gift will help shape the minds of many medical students that will in the future heal and possibly cure sickness and diseases.


Welcome to St. Louis Body Donations

Our purpose is to help individuals get as much information about St. Louis body donations as possible and to help you with that process. We feel you your anatomical gift is one of the most needed and selfless deeds one could leave the world.

Mankind thanks you for your gift of body donation.

Anatomical Donations

Please contact us if you need information to help you pre-plan your body donation. 

Helpful FAQs

In order to donate your body to science, you will need to have setup the anatomical donation before death. 


Nearly everyone will qualify for donation. By registering, you can state your intent to donate your body to science for the opportunity to contribute to future medical advancements.

Anatomical Donations

Local St. Louis Medical Schools

St. Louis Body Donations takes pride providing families with the latest information about body donation, as well as pointing you in the right direction to provide you or your loved one with a $595.00 transportation for body donation to the medical school of choice in St. Louis. We can also assist with transportation with transportation to other medical schools in Missouri, size distance charges may apply.

All services for transportation of body for donation and completion of paperwork
will be provided by Bi-State Cremation & funeral service.

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How does an anatomical body donation work?

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